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Phase Transformation and Recovery Stress of Ni47Ti44Nb9 Alloy During Constrained Heating and Cooling


The phase transformation and recovery stress of pre-deformed Ni47Ti44Nb9 alloy are systematically investigated during constrained heating, cooling and thermal cycling. Recovery stress is determined by a phase transformation, thermal expansion, and contraction. Reverse martensitic transformation occurs during constrained heating and then results in a sharp increase in the recovery stress. Meanwhile, the wide phase transformation hysteresis shrinks during thermal cycling. A few martensitic transformations gradually occur across a wide temperature range during constrained cooling, resulting in a negative decreasing stage or a wide plateau of recovery stress. When cooled further to a critical value of 20 °C, the recovery stress and temperature follow the Clausius–Clapeyron equation, and large amounts of martensitic transformations appear, resulting in the sharp decrease of the recovery stress.

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This work is supported by NSAF (Nos. U1730125 and NO. U1930207) and NSFC (No. 51901214).

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