Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

, Volume 50, Issue 12, pp 5888–5895 | Cite as

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Zamak 3 Alloy Subjected to Sliding Friction Treatment

  • Wei Zhang
  • Yan Du
  • Wangtu Huo
  • Jiangjiang Hu
  • Jinwen Lu
  • Xi Zhao
  • Lai-Chang Zhang
  • Yusheng ZhangEmail author


With aim to enhance the understanding of the relationship between the microstructure and mechanical properties of severe plastic-deformed Zn alloys, this work investigates the microstructural evolution and underlying deformation mechanisms of Zamak 3 alloy subjected to sliding friction treatment (SFT). With an increase in the strain from the matrix to the surface of the SFT Zn alloy, three types of microstructural characteristics are observed: (i) Gradual refinement of the Zn grains, (ii) First increase and then decrease in twin density, and (iii) Gradually elongated/broken eutectic phases. The results of mechanical tests reveal that work hardening plays a dominant role until strong softening resulting from microstructural refinement. The competition between hardening and softening related to the microstructural evolution determines the specific mechanical properties of Zn alloys.



This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51701163, 51701166, 51801184), Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi Province of China (Program No. 2019JQ-410, 2018JM5145), and Innovation Team in key areas of Shaanxi Province (2016KCT-30).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Wei Zhang
    • 1
  • Yan Du
    • 1
  • Wangtu Huo
    • 1
  • Jiangjiang Hu
    • 2
  • Jinwen Lu
    • 1
  • Xi Zhao
    • 1
  • Lai-Chang Zhang
    • 3
  • Yusheng Zhang
    • 1
    • 4
    Email author
  1. 1.Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal ResearchXi’anChina
  2. 2.College of Mechanical EngineeringZhejiang University of TechnologyHangzhouChina
  3. 3.School of EngineeringEdith Cowan UniversityJoondalupAustralia
  4. 4.Xi’an Rare Metal Materials Institute Co., Ltd.Xi’anChina

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