Effect of Test Temperature on Tensile Behavior of Ti-5Al-5V-2Mo-1Cr-1Fe (α+β) Titanium Alloy with Initial Microstructures in Hot Forged and Heat Treated Conditions

  • V. Anil KumarEmail author
  • R. K. Gupta
  • V. S. K. Chakravadhanula
  • A. Gourav Rao
  • M. J. N. V. Prasad
  • S. V. S. N. Murty


Ti-5Al-5V-2Mo-1Cr-1Fe (Ti-55211) is another popular (α+β)-Ti alloy which exhibits good hardenability and high strength due to the formation of α′ martensite. In the present study, this alloy in the as-forged and heat treated conditions was investigated to evaluate the tensile behavior as a function of test temperature (from room temperature to near its β transus). There was significant loss of ductility with a marginal improvement in tensile strength at room temperature upon heat treating the as-forged alloy near the β transus temperature. This is attributed to the solid solution strengthening, formation of α′ laths, change in shape and distribution of α phase during heat treatment. The alloy in both as-forged and heat treated conditions exhibited typical superplasticity characteristics with large elongations to failure (~ 200 to 230 pct) associated with high strain rate sensitivity values (0.2 to 0.4) at the testing temperature near its β transus. Microstructural investigation revealed that the morphology of the α-phase gets transformed from lamellar or acicular into equiaxed/globular with random deformation texture in both conditions during tensile deformation near β transus. It was found that the mode of deformation operating at temperature of 1123 K was found to be dynamic recrystallization (DRX) of α-phase, whereas dynamic recovery (DRV) of β-phase occurred at 1173 K.



The authors are grateful to Director, VSSC for granting permission to publish this work. The authors express their sincere thanks for the microscopy support extended by MCD team, VSSC. Authors would like to acknowledge National facility for Texture and OIM Lab and CoEST Deformation Processing Lab at IIT Bombay for EBSD and Dilatometer supports, respectively.


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    Email author
  • R. K. Gupta
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  • V. S. K. Chakravadhanula
    • 1
  • A. Gourav Rao
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  • M. J. N. V. Prasad
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  • S. V. S. N. Murty
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  2. 2.Naval Materials Research LaboratoryDRDOMumbaiIndia
  3. 3.Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials ScienceIndian Institute of Technology BombayMumbaiIndia

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