Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

, Volume 49, Issue 10, pp 4394–4397 | Cite as

Investigation of Size Effects in Slip Strength of Titanium Alloys: α Nodule Size Dependence of the Critical Resolved Shear Stress

  • S. HémeryEmail author
  • P. Villechaise


Reported critical resolved shear stress (CRSS) values for basal and prismatic slip of titanium alloys are presently reviewed. Despite different average compositions, CRSS variations appear as mostly related to the α nodule size. Investigations of tensile tests performed in a scanning electron microscope reveal that the underlying size effect results from back stress generated by dislocations piling up at nodule boundaries. A relationship is proposed to predict CRSS for alloys with a given nodule size.


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  1. 1.Institut Pprime, CNRS – ENSMA – Université de Poitiers, UPR CNRS 3346, UPR CNRS 3346, Physics and Mechanics of Materials Department, ENSMA – Téléport 2Chasseneuil CedexFrance

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