Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

, Volume 49, Issue 6, pp 2551–2560 | Cite as

Application of Precipitate Free Zone Growth Kinetics to the β-Phase Depletion Behavior in a CoNiCrAlY Coating Alloy: An Analytical Approach



This paper concerns the β-phase depletion kinetics of a thermally sprayed free-standing CoNiCrAlY (Co-31.7 pct Ni-20.8 pct Cr-8.1 pct Al-0.5 pct Y, all in wt pct) coating alloy. An analytical β-phase depletion model based on the precipitate free zone growth kinetics was developed to calculate the β-phase depletion kinetics during isothermal oxidation. This approach, which accounts for the molar volume of the alloy, the interfacial energy of the γ/β interface, and the Al concentration at γ/γ + β boundary, requires the Al concentrations in the β-phase depletion zone as the input rather than the oxidation kinetics at the oxide/coating interface. The calculated β-phase depletion zones derived from the current model were compared with experimental results. It is shown that the calculated β-phase depletion zones using the current model are in reasonable agreement with those obtained experimentally. The constant compositional terms used in the model are likely to cause the discrepancies between the model predictions and experimental results. This analytical approach, which shows a reasonable correlation with experimental results, demonstrates a good reliability in the fast evaluation on lifetime prediction of MCrAlY coatings.



The author would like to thank Professor D.G. McCartney, Dr. K.T. Voisey, and Professor J.R. Nicholls for helpful discussions. The author would like to acknowledge Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham for provision of laboratory facilities. This research was supported by Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. LQ18E010002.


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