Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

, Volume 49, Issue 6, pp 2373–2383 | Cite as

Development of Ultra-high Purity (UHP) Fe-Based Alloys with High Creep and Oxidation Resistance for A-USC Technology

  • Fethi HamdaniEmail author
  • Nishith K. Das
  • Tetsuo Shoji


The design of ultra-high purity (UHP) Fe-based model alloys for advanced ultra-supercritical (A-USC) technology is attempted in this work. Creep testing has been performed in air at 700 °C and a stress level of 150 MPa. Analysis of the fracture surface and cross section of the crept specimen was performed. To evaluate the oxidation resistance in A-USC conditions, oxidation testing was performed in supercritical water (SCW) at 700 °C and 25 MPa. Weight gain (WG) measurements and meticulous characterization of the oxide scale were carried out. Based on thermodynamics and density functional theory calculations, some reactive elements in the Fe-Cr-Ni system were designated to promote precipitation strengthening and to improve the hydrogen-accelerated oxidation resistance. The addition of a 2 wt pct Mo into Fe-22Cr-22Ni-0.6Nb wt pct-based matrix did not significantly improve the creep resistance. The addition of 0.26 wt pct Zr coupled with cold working was effective for improving creep properties. The Mo-modified model alloy showed almost the same WG value as SUS310, while the Zr-modified alloy showed a higher WG value. Meanwhile, a Cr-enriched continuous oxide layer was formed at the oxidation front of the Zr-modified alloy and SUS310S after exposure to SCW conditions.



The authors would like to acknowledge the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan, for funding this work under contract 14102981-0. The authors are grateful to the following colleagues at Tohoku University for assistance and precious cooperation: Dr. Kenji Abiko, Dr. Seiichi Takaki, Dr. Kunio Takada, and Dr. Yoshiaki Iijima for the production of UHP ingots by means of the cold copper crucible melting technique.


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  1. 1.Frontier Research Initiative, New Industry Creation Hatchery CenterTohoku UniversitySendaiJapan

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