Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

, Volume 46, Issue 1, pp 27–31 | Cite as

Application of Quenching and Partitioning Processing to Medium Mn Steel

  • Eun Jung Seo
  • Lawrence Cho
  • Bruno C. De Cooman


The present work analyzes the application of quenching and partitioning processing to medium Mn steel to obtain a new type of ultra-high-strength multiphase medium Mn steel. The selection of the quench temperature makes it possible to vary the ultimate tensile strength within a range of 500 MPa. The processing leads to low-carbon lath martensite matrix with a controlled volume fraction of retained austenite.


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© The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and ASM International 2014

Authors and Affiliations

  • Eun Jung Seo
    • 1
  • Lawrence Cho
    • 1
  • Bruno C. De Cooman
    • 1
  1. 1.Materials Design Laboratory, Graduate Institute of Ferrous TechnologyPohang University of Science and TechnologyPohangSouth Korea

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