Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

, Volume 45, Issue 11, pp 5114–5126 | Cite as

Effects of M23C6 on the High-Temperature Performance of Ni-Based Welding Material NiCrFe-7



The effects of M23C6 (M = Cr, Fe) on the high-temperature performance of the NiCrFe-7 welding rods and weld metals were studied by high-temperature tensile tests and microstructure analysis. M23C6 at the grain boundaries (GBs) has a cube-on-cube coherence with one grain in the NiCrFe-7 weld metals, and the adjacent M23C6 has the coherence relationship with the same grain. The grain with a coherent M23C6 has a Cr-depletion region. The number and size of M23C6 particles can be adjusted by heat treatment and alloying. There are two temperatures [TE1: 923 K to 1083 K (650 °C to 810 °C) and TE2: 1143 K to 1203 K (870 °C to 930 °C)] at which the GBs and grains of the NiCrFe-7 welding rod have equal strength during the high-temperature tensile test. When the temperatures are between TE1 and TE2, the strength of the GBs is lower than that of the grains, and the tensile fractures are intergranular. When the temperatures are below TE1 or over TE2, the strength of the GBs is higher than that of the grains, and the tensile fractures are dimples. M23C6 precipitates at the GBs, which deteriorates the ductility of the welding rods at temperature between TE1 and TE2. M23C6 aggravates ductility-dip-cracking (DDC) in the weld metals. The addition of Nb and Ti can form MX (M = Ti, Nb, X = C, N), fix C in grain, decrease the initial precipitation temperature of M23C6, and mitigate the precipitation of M23C6, which is helpful for minimizing DDC in the weld.



The authors are grateful for the financial support by the Key Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Grant No. KGZD-EW-XXX-2). The authors are grateful to X. B. Hu and X. C. Liu for TEM study, to X. M. Luo for EBSD study, to W. C. Dong for the finite element modeling. The authors also acknowledge the assistance provided by China First Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd. in the welding process.


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