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Discussion of “A Personal Commentary on Transformation of Austenite at Constant Subcritical Temperatures”

  • M. HillertEmail author

The classical article on isothermal transformation of austenite by Davenport and Bain in 1930[1] was reprinted in 1970 with a commentary by Paxton[2] to celebrate its 40th anniversary. It has now been reprinted again in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions in time for its 80th anniversary. It was there accompanied by a personal commentary by Bhadeshia,[3,4] who emphasized the importance of the article for the development of the diffusionless hypothesis of bainite formation.

It has often been stated that Davenport and Bain were the first to describe the microstructure now called bainite, but already Mehl mentioned in his Hatfield memorial lecture in 1948[5] that the structures “referred to by the generic term ‘bainite,’ and which are formed at intermediate or low temperatures, are by no means new, for they were observed early in this century.” As an example, Hultgren[6] in 1920 published micrographs of bainite in tungsten steels from specimens obtained by interrupted isothermal...


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