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La chirurgia della Coxa Manus nel salvataggio del polso post-frattura dell’EDR

  • G. M. GrippiEmail author

Coxa Manus Surgery to Savage suffering post-distal-radius- fractures wrist


Frequent outcome of distal radius fractures is radio-carpal stiffness. This can be resolved by Coxa Manus Surgery using a radius-lunate-emiscaphoid arthrodesis and/or wrist arthroplastic by a capitate’s head prosthesis. So the adaptation is optimized to normal, in which the Uman bi-articular mechanism is bypassing the suffering radio-carpic joint and putting on an “ancestral” mono-articular order. To support, some cases are introduced with reliable and satisfactory results.


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  1. 1.S.O.S. di Chirurgia della Mano, S.O.C. di Ortopedia e TraumatologiaOspedale San LazzaroAlba (CN)Italy
  2. 2.ASL CN2 del PiemontePiemonteItaly

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