Analysis of Porosity and Preheating Temperature on the Decomposition and Combustion Characteristics within 5 N Ammonium Dinitramide (ADN)-based Monopropellant Thruster

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In this study, the effects of porosity of the fore-catalytic bed and after-catalytic bed and preheat temperature on the decomposition and combustion characteristics of a 5 N ammonium dinitramide (ADN)-based thruster were numerically investigated in terms of the distribution of components, temperature, and pressure. The results indicated that the porosity of the fore-catalytic bed and preheating temperature significantly affected the decomposition and combustion characteristics. The porosity of the fore-catalytic bed was optimized, and the thrust performance was demonstrated to improve with increasing of porosity of the after-catalytic bed and pre-heating temperature. The results were favorable for the investigation of decomposition and combustion characteristics and could also be beneficial to the design and manufacture of different types of ADN-based thrusters.

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This work was supported by the Beijing Natural Science Foundation (Grant No. 3184064).

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Correspondence to Tao Zhang or Jun Chen.

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Zhang, T., Wang, F. & Chen, J. Analysis of Porosity and Preheating Temperature on the Decomposition and Combustion Characteristics within 5 N Ammonium Dinitramide (ADN)-based Monopropellant Thruster. J. Therm. Sci. 29, 81–89 (2020) doi:10.1007/s11630-020-1257-7

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  • porosity
  • preheating temperature
  • decomposition and combustion characteristics
  • ammonium dinitramide
  • monopropellant