Analysis and modeling of slope stability in the Three-Gorges Dam reservoir (China) — The case of Huangtupo landslide

  • R. CojeanEmail author
  • Y. J. Caï


The water level in the Three Gorges Dam reservoir is expected to change between the elevations of 145 m and 175 m, as a function of the flood control implementation and the intensity of the annual flood. As a matter of fact, the hydraulical and mechanical loadings, related to the water level modifications, will result in alterations in the slope stability conditions. The town of Badong (Hubei), of 20 000 inhabitants, is one of the towns which was submerged by the impoundment of the reservoir. As a consequence, the new town of Badong was constructed on a nearby site which appeared to be partly an unstable site. A part of this site corresponds to an old landslide, the Huangtupo landslide, the base of which had to be submerged by the water of the reservoir. The analysis of the Huangtupo landslide, taking into account various events scenarios, drainage and reinforcement measures and monitoring devices, allows to illustrate the general process implemented all along the reservoir in order to mitigate the landslide hazard.


Three Gorges Dam Landslide Modelling 


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  1. 1.Centre de GéosciencesMines-ParisTechParisFrance
  2. 2.Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design & ResearchCWRCWuhanChina

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