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Spatial variability of mass movements in the Satluj Valley, Himachal Pradesh during 1990 ∼ 2006

  • Vikram GuptaEmail author
  • M. P. Sah


Satluj Valley is known to have a history of landslides and related mass movement activities since the geological times. Geological and geomorphological settings combined with anthropogenic activities constitute a propensity towards slope failure. During the last two decades, the area witnessed substantial increase in athropogenic pressure, mainly due to the exploitation of hydropower potential, changing landuse pattern and population growth. In addition, a shift of the climatic patterns in the form of larger area falling under the influence of rains was observed. These natural as well as anthropogenic changes in the area have resulted in increased spatial coverage of landslide in the area. This paper documents these changes during 1990 ∼ 2006.


Landslides Mass movement Satluj Valley Himachal Pradesh India 


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  1. 1.Wadia Institute of Himalayan GeologyDehra DunIndia

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