Genetic engineering of trees: progress and new horizons

  • Shujun Chang
  • Elizabeth L. Mahon
  • Heather A. MacKay
  • William H. Rottmann
  • Steven H. Strauss
  • Paula M. Pijut
  • William A. Powell
  • Vernon Coffey
  • Haiwei Lu
  • Shawn D. Mansfield
  • Todd J. JonesEmail author
Invited Review


Genetic engineering of trees to improve productivity, wood quality, and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses has been the primary goal of the forest biotechnology community for decades. We review the extensive progress in these areas and their current status with respect to commercial applications. Examples include novel methods for lignin modification, solutions for long-standing problems related to pathogen resistance, modifications to flowering onset and fertility, and drought and freeze tolerance. There have been numerous successful greenhouse and field demonstrations of genetically engineered trees, but commercial application has been severely limited by social and technical considerations. Key social factors are costly and uncertain regulatory hurdles and sweeping market barriers in the form of forest certification systems that disallow genetically modified trees. These factors limit and, in many cases, preclude field research and commercial adoption. Another challenge is the high cost and uncertainty in transformation efficiency that is needed to apply genetic engineering and gene editing methods to most species and genotypes of commercial importance. Recent advances in developmental gene-based transformation systems and gene editing, if combined with regulatory and certification system reform, could provide the foundation for genetic engineering to become a significant tool for coping with the increasing environmental and biological stresses on planted and wild forests.


Trees Forest biotechnology Genome editing 



The authors are grateful for the contributions from Professor Ronald Sederoff and Professor Vincent Chiang of Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University.


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