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Good Night, Geese

  • Elizabeth A. MauricioEmail author
  • William D. Freeman
Healing Arts

Good Night, Geese

The patients have gone

The Clinic is closed

The geese take their spots

And nobody knows

When the cars have left

And the sun is long set

The geese, they will gather

But our demands are not met…

Do they see us inside?

Toiling away

In-basket awaits—

Not enough hours in the day

There are orders to sign

Notes to attest

Labs to review

No time for rest

Dinner can wait

But kids want their mother

Again, I am late

The work, it can smother

Time to depart

No time for sorrow

Good night, geese

Save my spot for tomorrow!


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  1. 1.Department of NeurologyMayo ClinicJacksonvilleUSA

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