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The Use of Psychiatric eConsults in Primary Care

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This research was financially supported by research grants from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (R03 HS25245-01) and Abbott Northwestern Hospital Fund (no. 15-8012). Dr. Golberstein was the PI on both grants.

Author information

Correspondence to Ezra Golberstein Ph.D..

Ethics declarations

This study was approved by the IRBs of the University of Minnesota and Allina Health (which used Quorum IRB).

Conflict of Interest

Ms. Carruthers and Dr. Goering were both employed by Allina Health when this research took place. The study authors affirm that they had access to all data from this study, both what is reported and unreported, and that had complete freedom in conducting and reporting the analysis without any influence from study sponsors. There was no editorial direction or censorship from study sponsors. Drs. Golberstein, Joseph, and Druss report no conflicts.

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This work has not been previously presented.

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