How Smooth Is the Road for Women in Medicine? A Pregnant Question

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Healing Arts: Materia Medica

“When I was in medical school, if you told me that my doctor in the hospital would be a pregnant woman, I would have laughed, but here she is…..”, my 80-year-old physician patient proclaimed to his visiting golf buddies, a kind smile on his face. I returned his smile in the moment, but as I closed the door, my eyes welled up with tears. Taking refuge in a nearby restroom, I faced my reflection in the mirror through blurry eyes—half of my 5 feet 3 inches short body shaking with anger, the other half with despair. What was intended to be an acknowledgement of the journey countless women have taken to make the shape of a pregnant woman in a long white coat a familiar presence in the hospital, took me on my own journey through the years.

Born in a small town of a country that finds itself in the bottom half of nearly every gender equality index, nothing about my upbringing was orthodox. My parents instilled in me indisputable belief in diligence and dedication. Conversations from my...


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