Journal of General Internal Medicine

, Volume 27, Issue 12, pp 1573–1579 | Cite as

Peer Review: Looking Back, Looking Forward

From the Editors’ Desk

As another year of JGIM print draws to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the many talented people who have served as peer reviewers for JGIM over the past 12 months. Peer review is an imperfect process, one that it has become fashionable to revile for its lack of consistency. The latest salvo came from a paper in the journal of Surgical Endoscopy that posed the question “Is expert peer review obsolete?” (Herron DM. Surg Endosc. 2012;26(8):2275–80. Epub 2012, Feb 21. Is expert peer review obsolete? A model suggests that post-publication reader review may exceed the accuracy of traditional peer review). In this article, the author created a mathematical model of the peer review process to compare traditional ‘expert reviewer’ review with assessment by ‘reader-reviewers’ consisting of the general readership of the journal. They found that when 400,000 hypothetical manuscripts were modeled, the accuracy of the reader-reviewer group was inferior to the expert reviewer group in the 10-reviewer and 20-reviewer trial, but that when 50 or 100 reader reviewers were used the reader-reviewer group surpassed the expert reviewer group in accuracy. While this is an intriguing finding, gathering 50 or 100 reader-reviewers per paper is obviously no small task for a journal like JGIM that receives well more than 1,000 submissions per year. So while the idea of open-sourced reviews appeals to our sense of transparency and fairness, for now it seems that we will continue to rely on our large panel of expert volunteers to help ensure the quality and fidelity of what we publish.

Why should you, our readers, continue to volunteer to peer review for JGIM? In a recent blog entry on the site Savage Minds, a scientific blog focused on issues relevant to academic anthropology, “Rex” (AKA Alex Golub) opined on what he calls the five virtues of peer review—mindfulness, honesty, tact, precision and respect. He argues that serving as a peer reviewer teaches you to read closely and pay attention (mindfulness) and to learn to communicate with directness and rigor (honesty), but to do so in a way that is tactful so that critical feedback will be received by the author in the spirit for which it was intended, i.e. to improve the final product, rather then as gratuitous criticism. Precision can be learned through serving as a peer reviewer, as good reviews will be clear and specific about what the deficits are in the submission and how they can be addressed. And finally, Golub reminds us that peer review presents us with the opportunity to practice respect for the scholarly product and process, and not to impose our own biases on this process.

In 2011–12, JGIM reviewers volunteered their time and expertise to review about half of the more than 1,000 manuscripts that JGIM receives each year. During this period, 928 reviewers provided a total of 1,175 reviews with a mean quality score of 4.3 on a scale of 1–6 (as judged by JGIM deputy editors). Of these, 203 provided at least two reviews and 21 provided three or more. We are indebted to them for their service.

Among this group of dedicated peer reviewers, there is a group of “top performers” that stand out. Reviewers included in this prestigious group performed at least two reviews between July 2011 and June 2012, returned all reviews within 30 days, and received a quality score of four or greater on all reviews. An asterisk identifies the 109 reviewers who meet these criteria. We thank them for their efforts on behalf of the journal.

`JGIM Reviewers, 2011–2012

Abdel-Kader, Khaled

Abou-Raya, Anna

Abramson, Anna*

Abughosh, Susan

Adams, Jared

Adegbembo, Albert

Agarwal, Abhishek

Aiyer, Meenakshy

Ajani, Umed

Akrawinthawong, Krittapoom

Al Snih, Soham

Albert, Nancy

Albright, Karen

Albuquerque, Felipe

Alexander, Stewart

Alexandraki, Irene

Alford, Daniel

Allensworth-Davies, Don*

Alpert, Joel

Alvarado-Little, Wilma*

Alvarez, Carlos

Ammakkanavar, Natraj

Amsterdam, Ezra

Ancker, Jessica

Andermann, Anne

Anderson, Heather

Anderson, Karen

Angstman, Kurt

Annapureddy, Narender

Aparasu, Rajender

Ardemagni, Enrica

Armitage, Keith

Aronowitz, Paul

Arora, Vineet

Asch, Steven

Ashraf, Umeer

Aslam, Fawad

Aspy, Cheryl

Atallah, Sylvana

Au, David

Auerbach, Stephen

Aulisio, Mark

Ayub, Bilal

Babbott, Stewart

Badesch, David

Baggett, Travis

Bailey, James

Bain, Kevin

Bakken, Suzanne

Bamberger, Josh

Barkoudah, Ebrahim*

Barnas, Gary

Barnestein-Fonseca, Pilar

Barney, Joseph

Barrett, Michael

Barry, Kristen Lawton

Barsuk, Jeffrey

Bashook, Philip

Batch, Bryan

Bates, Carol

Bates, David

Bau, Ignatius

Bauer, Amy*

Bearman, Margaret

Beasley, John

Becher, Dorothy

Becker, William

Beckman, Thomas

Bedard, Michel

Bedogni, Giorgio

Bell, Christina*

Bell, Robert

Bell, Tanvir

Belue, Rhonda

Berg, Katherine

Berger, Barbara

Berger, Jeffrey

Berger, Zackary*

Berkenblit, Gail

Berliner, Adam

Berlowitz, Dan

Bernabeo, Elizabeth

Bernstein, Kyle

Bertisch, Suzanne

Betancourt, Joseph

Bewick, Thomas

Bhavsar, Nrupen

Bickel, Janet

Binswanger, Ingrid

Bitton, Asaf

Blackstock, Oni

Blecker, Saul*

Bliton, Mark

Bodenheimer, Thomas

Bodnar, Timothy

Bohannon, Richard

Bohnert, Amy*

Boise, Linda*

Bolen, Shari

Bonner, Laura

Boockvar, Kenneth

Boutin-Foster, Carla

Bovet, Pascal

Bowen, Judith

Bowles, Kathryn

Bowling, C. Barrett

Bowman, Robert

Brackett, Charles

Braun, Ursula

Breite, Ira

Brewster, Joan

Bridges, John

Briesacher, Becky

Britton, Peter*

Bronstein, Janet

Brunetti, Natale Daniele

Bruns, Anke

Buchanan, David

Buck, David

Buck, Michael

Budnitz, Daniel

Buntin, Melinda Beeuwkes

Burke, Michael

Burke, Wylie

Burnand, Bernard

Burton, Christopher

Butters, Meryl

Bynum, Julie

Cadarette, Suzanne

Cadigan, Jean

Caines, Laurie

Cameron, Kenzie

Campbell, Jessica

Campbell, John

Caperna, Joseph

Caram, Megan*

Carlson, Charlotte

Carnes, Molly

Carroll, Patrick

Cartwright-Smith, Lara

Castaldi, Peter*

Castells, Xavier*

Cecere, Laura

Centor, Robert

Chacko, Karen

Chakraborty, Subhankar

Chamie, Karim

Champion, Victoria

Chan, Kitty

Chang, Hsien-Yen*

Chang, Stephanie

Charap, Mitchell

Charns, Martin

Chatterjee, Sharmila*

Chen, Huiju

Chen, Judy

Chen, Melinda*

Chen, Peggy

Cheng, Eric

Cheng, Hugo

Cherlin, Emily*

Cheskin, Lawrence

Chesluk, Benjamin*

Chin, Jeanette

Chiovaro, Joseph*

Cho, Young-Hee

Chongnarungsin, Daych

Chopra, Deepti

Chou, Calvin

Chretien, Katherine

Christianson, Jon

Chuang, Cynthia

Chwastiak, Lydia

Chyun, Deborah

Clancy, Dawn

Clark, Michael

Cochran, Nan

Coffee, Jane

Cofrancesco, Joseph

Cogbill, Elizabeth

Cohen, Beth

Cohen, Debbie

Cohn, Steven

Connor, Denise

Conway, Terrence*

Cooke, Colin

Cooley, Susan

Cooper, Richelle

Cooperberg, Matthew

Correa, Ricardo

Corsonello, Andrea

Covinsky, Kenneth

Cowper, Diane*

Coyne, James

Cranford, James

Critchfield, Jeff

Crosson, Jesse

Croswell, Jennifer

Cucciare, Michael

Cutrona, Sarah

Dacha, Sunil

Dahabreh, Issa

Daley, Christine

Danis, Marion

Davidoff, Amy

Davies, Robert

Davis, Matthew

Day, Gregory

Dean, Nathan*

Decker, Sandra

Dedios, Maria Cecilia

Deepak, Parakkal

Defilipp, Zachariah

Dehlendorf, Christine

Delgado, Jose

Delva, Dianne

Demosthenidy, Mollye

Denton, Gerald

Devkota, Bishnu

Dhaliwal, Gurpreet*

Diamond, Lisa

Dibonaventura, Marco

Didwania, Aashish

Dimatteo, Livio

Dine, Jessica

Divine, George

Djulbegovic, Benjamin

Dobie, Sharon

Dobscha, Steven

Dolan, Nancy

Donaldson, Molla

Dorsey, Rashida

Dorsey, Ray

Drewes, Hanneke

Du, Xianglin

Dublin, Sascha

Dunlay, Robert

Durso, Samuel

Dy, Sydney

Dyrbye, Liselotte

Eastburn, Abigail

Edelman, E. Jennifer*

Edison, Marcia*

Eggers, Paul

Eisenberg, David*

Eiser, Arnold R.

Elliott, Daniel

Ellison, Gary*

Elwy, Rani*

Engelman, Kimberly

Englander, Honora

Ephrem, Georges

Epling, John

Ernst, Michael

Escalante, Carmen

Estrada, Carlos

Fagan, Mark

Fahrenholz, John

Farnan, Jeanne*

Felkner, Marilyn*

Fernander, Anita

Fernandes, Olavo

Ferrante, Jeanne

Finder, Stuart*

Fingerhood, Michael

Finkel, Madelon

Finset, Arnstein*

Fiore, Robin

Fiscella, Kevin

Fischer, Gary

Fischer, Shira*

Fischer, Stacy

Fish, Laura

Fisher, Lawrence

Fitzgerald, James

Fitzgibbon, Marian

Fix, Gemmae*

Flint, Lynn

Florez, Hermes

Flynn, Patrick

Ford, Earl

Fortin, Auguste

Fourtounas, Costas

Foust, Janice

Fowler, Floyd

Fraenkel, Liana

Frei, Christopher

French, Dustin

Frick, Kevin

Friedberg, Mark

Fromme, Eric

Fung, Constance

Gallo, Joseph

Garcia, Sofia

Gardner, Benjamin

Garrido, Melissa*

Gelber, Allan

Gellad, Walid

Gerber, Megan

Germain, Michael

Gerrity, Martha

Gertz, Alida

Gibbons, Melinda

Gierisch, Jennifer

Gilca, Rodica*

Gill, James

Glassman, Peter

Gleason, Kristine*

Gliatto, Peter

Godolphin, William

Goforth, Harold

Goldhaber-Fiebert, Jeremy

Goldsmith, Charles

Goldstein, Karen

Goldstein, Karen*

Gollust, Sarah

Goodlin, Sarah

Gordon, Howard

Gordon, Kathryn

Goroll, Allan

Gowd, B.M. Pampana

Gravenstein, Stefan

Green, Beverly*

Green, Marianne

Gregg, Edward

Greysen, Ryan*

Grossman, Susan

Grothaus, Louis

Guddati, Achuta

Guerra, Carmen

Guessous, Idris

Gundling, Katherine

Gupta, Shilpa

Gure, Tanya

Gustafsson, Finn

Gutteridge, Daniel

Guyatt, Gordon

Haas, Jennifer

Haber, Lawrence

Haggstrom, David

Hahn, Judith

Hall, Mark

Hallfors, Denise

Hamdi, Amir

Han, Beth

Hanchate, Amresh

Harris, Patricia

Hartz, Arthur

Hastings, Susan

Hausmann, Leslie

Haviland, Amelia

Hayes, Sean

Hays, J Taylor

He, Jianghua

Helmchen, Lorens

Hempstead, Katherine

Henderson, Jillian

Henry, Stephen

Hepner, Kimberly

Hernandez, Jaime

Herrin, Jeph*

Herrold, Amy

Herzig, Shoshana

Hickam, David

Hickner, John

Hill, Steven

Hoadley, Jack*

Hoff, Geir

Hoffman, Richard*

Hoffman-Terry, Margaret

Hoggatt, Katherine*

Holmes, Holly

Holt, Stephen

Holt, Tim*

Hong, Clemens

Horwitz, Leora*

Hoskote, Sumedh

Howrey, Bret

Hsiao, Chun-Ju

Huang, Wei

Hughes, John

Huot, Stephen

Hurley, Judith

Hyman, David

Iacobellis, Gianluca

Ilic, Dragan*

Imazio, Massimo

Intrator, Orna

Ipsen, Catherine

Irani, Farzan

Israni, Manisha

Istfan, Nawfal

Ivers, Noah

Jack, Brian

Jackson, Christian

Jacobson, Janet

Jamal, Yasser

Jhamb, Manisha

Jia, Huanguang*

Johnson, Jeffrey

Johnson, Mallory*

Johnson, William

Johnston, Doug

Jones, Therese

Jordan, Lanetta

Joseph, Djenaba

Joynt, Karen

Jubelt, Lindsay

Justice, Amy

Kaboli, Peter

Kaestner, Robert

Kahn, Linda

Kahn, Michael

Kales, Helen

Kanakadandi, Vijay

Kane-Gill, Sandra

Kansagara, Devan

Kapinos, Kandice

Karliner, Leah

Karon, Sarita

Kato, Elisabeth*

Katz, David

Katz, Mira

Kaufman, Neal*

Kaushik, Manu

Keeley, Robert

Kelleher, Kelly

Kelley, Amy

Kelly, Inas

Kenny, Anisha

Kent, David

Kenyon, Nicholas

Kerbel, Russell*

Kern, David

Kesselheim, Aaron

Kessler, Rodger

Khan, Areej

Khanna, Raman*

Kikano, George

Kilpatrick, Kerry

Kim, Nam

Kimbrough-Sugick, Jessie

Kimerling, Rachel

Kimminau, Kim

Kinghorn, Warren

Kirsh, Susan

Kirwin, Jennifer

Kitahata, Mari

Kittanamongkolchai, Wonngarm

Klugman, Craig

Knapp, Herschel

Kochar, Jinesh*

Koehler, Rebecca

Koppel, Ross

Koracevic, Goran

Korthuis, P. Todd

Kosteniuk, Julie

Kotla, Sumankrishna

Kral, Alex

Kramer, Jennifer

Kressin, Nancy*

Kroenke, Kurt

Kronman, Andrea

Kruse, Gina

Kuhadiya, Nitesh

Kullgren, Jeff*

Kumar, Ambuj

Kurtz, Suzanne

Kusurkar, Rashmi

Lagu, Tara*

Lai, Andrew

Laird, Lance

Lairson, David

Laiteerapong, Neda*

Landon, Bruce

Lanham, Holly

Larson, Elaine

Lash, Meredith

Lau, Denys

Lavie, Carl

Le, Phuoc*

Learman, Lee

Lee, David

Lee, Rita

Lee, Robert

Lee, Todd

Leinau, Lisa

Levin, Peter

Levin, Theodore

Levine, Carol

Levine, Mark*

Levine, Rachel*

Lewis, Carmen

Lewis, Sarah

Lexchin, Joel

Li, Chenghui*

Li, Hua

Li, Joseph

Li, Yuyuan

Lieberman, Steven

Like, Robert

Lin, Grace

Lin, Kenneth*

Lin, Ming Valerie

Lin, Steven

Linder, Jeffrey

Linder, Suzanne

Linsky, Amy

Lipska, Kasia

Litvin, Cara

Livingston, Martha*

Livingston, Schuyler

Lloyd, Farell

Lo, Bernard

Locke, Charles

Loeb, Danielle

Loggers, Elizabeth Trice

Lopez, Lenny

Lowry, Becky

Lu, Christine

Lu, Huifang

Lubetkin, Erica*

Lund, Brian*

Lunze, Karsten

Ly, Dan*

Lynch, Cheryl

Ma, Sai

Macdonald, Joanna*

Macmillan, Jr, Jack

Madigan, David

Maeng, Daniel

Maher, Chris

Mahipal, Amit

Mai, Cuc

Malat, Jennifer

Malhotra, Jyoti

Mamede, Sílvia

Manchikanti, Laxmaiah

Mancuso, Josephine*

Manickam, Palaniappan

Manjarrez, Efren

Mann, Devin

Marcos, Pedro J

Marcum, Zachary

Marcus, Erin

Marcus, Marianne

Mardon, Russ*

Margolius, David*

Marks, Guy

Marottoli, Richard

Marquine, Maria

Martinez, Carlos*

Maruthur, Nisa

Mathur, Gaurav

Matthias, Marianne

Mauldin, Patrick

Maunder, Robert

Mautner, Dawn

May, Suepattra

Mazur, Dennis

Mccarthy, Lisa

Mccoy, Allison

Mcnair, Peter

Means, Robert

Meckstroth, Karen

Meeks, Thomas

Mehta, Amitkumar

Mello, Michelle

Meltzer, Ellen*

Menchine, Michael

Mercer, Stewart

Mergen, Haluk

Methuku, Nanda

Mhaskar, Rahul

Micco, Guy

Miladinovic, Branko

Millstine, Denise

Min, Lillian

Mitchell, Matthew

Mookherjee, Somnath

Moore, Donald

Mopala, Prashanth

Moreno, Alejandro

Morioka-Douglas, Nancy

Morris, Nancy*

Morriss, Richard

Morton-Eggleston, Emma

Mosca, Lori

Moskowitz, David*

Muhlbaier, Lawrence

Mukherjee, Sarbajit

Mummadi, Srinivas

Muniyappa, Kishor

Murtaugh, Christopher

Nadel, Marion

Nadkarni, Girish

Nagarajan, Vijaiganesh

Najafi, Nader*

Naumann, Rebecca

Nelson, David

Nelson, Wendy

Nemeth, Lynne

Newman, Lori

Newsom, Robert

Nguyen, Long

Nichol, Paul

Noblin, Alice

Noel, Polly Hitchcock*

Nollen, Nikki

Nosyk, Bohdan

Nuckols, Teryl*

O’brien, Bridget

O’connor, Alec

O’keeffe, Janet

O’malley, Ann

O’malley, Cheryl

O’rorke, Jane

Olsen, Maren

Olsen, Yngvild

Olshansky, Jay

Olson, Douglas*

Olugbodi, Akintomi

Opmeer, Brent

Orlando, Lori

Osei-Bonsu, Princess

Otis, John

Oyler, Julie

Pahuja, Deepak

Palepu, Anita

Pandey, Rahul

Papageorgiou, Panos

Papanikolaou, Panos

Parker, Lisa

Parsi, Kayhan

Parthasarathy, Sujaya

Patolia, Setu

Pattanshetty, Deepak

Patten, Scott

Paulus, Jessica

Pavlik, Valory

Peikes, Deborah

Penfold, Robert

Pereira, Anne

Permpalung, Nitipong

Persell, Stephen

Peters, Matthew

Petersen, Laura

Pfeifer, Kurt*

Phansalkar, Shobha

Philibert, Ingrid

Phillips, Erica

Phy, Michael

Picot, Joanna

Pitts, Stephen

Podus, Deborah

Poirier, Maria

Pollack, Craig*

Pollack, David

Polsak, Micholee

Porta, Massimo

Porterfield, Deborah

Poses, Roy

Possemato, Kyle*

Post, Edward

Powell, Heidi

Prasad, Meeta

Press, Valerie

Price, Erika*

Psaros, Christina

Qureshi, Adnan

Rabatin, Joseph

Radford, Martha

Rakowski, William

Ralston, James

Ramani, Subha

Rastogi, Padmashri

Ratanapo, Supawat

Reddy, Sanjay*

Reddy, Shalini

Reed, Mary

Reid, Cary*

Reid, Robert

Rencic, Joseph

Rendle, Katharine

Rennhoff, Christina

Reynolds, Grace

Rial, Nathaniel

Richards, Michael*

Rid, Annette

Ripp, Jonathan*

Rockey, Don

Rodberg, Leonard

Rodrigues, Stephanie

Rose, Danielle

Rosenfeld, Ken

Rosenthal, Thomas

Rothberg, Michael

Rucker, Lisa

Ruhnke, Gregory

Runyan, Christine*

Saba, George

Sabanayagam, Charumathi

Saberi, Parya

Sabharwal, Manpreet Singh

Sabin, James

Sackett, Dave

Sadler, Anne

Sager, Alan

Sakhuja, Ankit

Saleem, Jason

Salmon, Peter

Samal, Lipika

Sandhu, Nicole

Santana, Calie*

Sarkar, Urmimala

Sarsour, Khaled

Satterfield, Jason

Sauaia, Angela*

Schackman, Bruce

Schapira, Marilyn

Scheffler, Richard

Schenker, Yael

Schiff, Gordon

Schlair, Sheira

Schmitz, Norbert

Schnipper, Jeffrey

Schoenbaum, Stephen

Schoenthaler, Antoinette*

Schonberg, Mara

Schulman-Green, Dena*

Schumacher, Jessica

Schwarz, Eleanor

Sciamanna, Chris

Sebastian, James

Seger, Andrew

Selvin, Elizabeth

Semaan, Salaam

Sequist, Thomas

Sessums, Laura

Sey, Michael

Shah, Nilay

Shankar, Padmini

Shapiro, Jason

Sharma, Rashmi*

Sharpe, Bradley

Shatin, Deborah

Shaw, Heather

Shea, Judy

Shekelle, Paul

Shelton, Wayne

Sherman, Scott

Shields, Cleveland

Shivakumar, Geetha

Shokar, Navkiran

Sidle, John

Sifri, Randa

Simoes, Priya

Simon, Joel

Simon, Steven*

Singh, Hardeep

Singh, Sonal

Sinha, Vikash*

Sliem, Hamdy

Slight, Sarah Patricia

Smidth, Margrethe

Smith, Alexander*

Smith, Michael

Smith, Robert

Snyder, Erin

Solomon, Matthew

Sommers, Elizabeth

Sorbero, Melony

Sorkin, Dara

Sorra, Joann

Sozio, Stephen

Spiro, Howard

Srivali, Narat

Stano, Miron

Starks, Sarah

Stefan, Mihaela

Stein, Daniel

Steinberg, Michael*

Steinkellner, Amy*

Steinman, Michael

Stiggelbout, Anne

Stockdale, Susan

Stone, Roslyn

Strasberg, Howard

Straus, Sharon

Street, Richard*

Subhas, Gokulakkrishna

Sudore, Rebecca

Suissa, Samy

Susi, Beth

Sussman, Jeremy

Sutamtewagul, Grerk

Suter, Lisa

Sweet, David

Szauter, Karen

Tabas, Jeffrey

Tamariz, Leonardo

Tang, Ning

Tarasuk, Valerie

Tarn, Derjung

Taylor, Brent

Tedaldi, Ellen

Terry, Amanda

Tewari, Virendra

Thirumaran, Rajesh

Thom, David

Thomas, Christopher

Thomas, Eric

Thomas, Roger*

Thombs, Brett

Thompson, George

Thorndike, Anne

Thorsteinsdottir, Bjorg

Tiwari, Ashish

Toles, Mark

Topping, Sharon

Torrey, William

Totten, Annette

Triche, Maga Jackson

Trivedi, Amal

Tsai, Adam

Tseng, Chien-Wen

Tsui, Judith

Tuzzio, Leah

Tyler, Denise

Ullmann, Steven

Ungprasert, Patompong

Uthlaut, Brian

Vadlamudi, Raja

Vadlamudi, Raja

Van Den Berg-Wolf, Mary

Van Eaton, Erik

Van Walraven, Carl

Vandiver, Trish

Varosy, Paul

Vassalotti, Joseph

Vaughan Dickson, Victoria

Vela, Monica

Verma, Ashish

Vernon, Sally

Vijayaraghavan, Maya

Vogt, Dawne

Von Korff, Michael

Waalen, Jill

Wachterman, Melissa

Wagner, Dianne

Wakeman, Sarah

Walke, Lisa*

Walling, Anne

Walter, Louise

Wang, Emily*

Wang, Karen

Wang, Liang

Wang, Virginia

Warburton, Rebecca

Ward, Kristina

Ward, Marcia

Ward, Nicholas

Warlick, Christopher

Warner, Teddy

Washington, Donna

Wassenaar, Michael

Weaver, Michael

Weckmann, Michelle

Weingart, Saul

Weinstein, Milton

Weiss, Debora

Weitzman, Beth

Welborn, Toney

West, Alan

Widera, Eric

Wight, Richard

Wilder, Ron

Williams, Karen Patricia

Williams, Kendal

Williamson, David

Willke, Richard

Wilson, Elizabeth*

Wilson, Sandra*

Wilt, Timothy

Witt, Daniel*

Wong, Brian

Wong, Edwin*

Woods, Nancy Fugate

Wools-Kaloustian, Kara

Wright, Rollin

Wyer, Peter

Wynia, Matthew

Xu, Jin-Fu

Xu, Ruifeng

Yadav, Surinder

Yancy, Jr., William

Yang, Jianji

Yang, Julius

Yano, Elizabeth

Yau, Kelvin K W

Yee, Ellen

Yoon, John

Young, John

Zalawadiya, Sandip

Zaleski, Isabelle Durand

Zendejas, Benjamin

Zhang, Xuanping

Zhang, Zi

Zhao, Yingnan

Zhuo, Xiaohui

Ziniel, Sonja

Zirakzadeh, Ali

Zlotnick, Cheryl

Zullig, Leah*

Zulman, Donna

Zurovac, Jelena*

*Superior Reviewer, defined as ≥ 2 reviews, quality score no lower than 4 of 6 on any single review, no review returned past 30 days

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  1. 1.Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of MedicineUniversity of California, San FranciscoSan FranciscoUSA
  2. 2.Division of General Medicine, UC DavisDivision of General MedicineSacramentoUSA

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