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Non-Hepatic Abdominal Surgery in Patients with Cirrhotic Liver Disease

  • Laura Hickman
  • Lauren Tanner
  • John Christein
  • Selwyn VickersEmail author
Evidence-Based Current Surgical Practice


Cirrhotic liver disease is an important cause of peri-operative morbidity and mortality in general surgical patients. Early recognition and optimization of liver dysfunction is imperative before any elective surgery. Patients with MELD <12 or classified as Child A have a higher morbidity and mortality than matched controls without liver dysfunction, but are generally safe for elective procedures with appropriate patient education. Patients with MELD >20 or classified as Child C should undergo transplantation before any elective procedure given mortality exceeds 40%. Laparoscopic procedures are feasible and safe in cirrhotic patients.


Abdominal surgery Chronic liver disease Cirrhosis Appropriate surgical decision making Postoperative care 



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