Gallbladder Carcinoma as a Long-Term Complication of Cholecystojejunostomy

  • Charles H. C. Pilgrim
  • Laveniya Satgunaseelan
  • Salena M. Ward
  • Peter M. Evans
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Development of gallbladder cancer following cholecystojejunostomy has not previously been described.


A case of a patient who developed gallbladder cancer 22 years following cholecystojejunostomy is presented, and a literature review of known complications of cholecysto-enteric anastomosis was performed.


Cholangitis is the commonest reported complication, known to predispose the biliary epithelium to malignant change, but has not been described until now as being carcinogenic for the gallbladder. Gallbladder carcinoma may be a rare long-term complication of cholecystojejunostomy.


Gallbladder cancer Bilio-enteric bypass Postoperative risk factor Cholecystojejunostomy 



1. Dr Catriona McLean, Pathologist, Anatomical Pathology Department, Alfred Hospital.

2. Radiology Department, Alfred Hospital.


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  • Charles H. C. Pilgrim
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  • Laveniya Satgunaseelan
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  • Salena M. Ward
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  • Peter M. Evans
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  1. 1.Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery UnitAlfred HospitalPrahranAustralia
  2. 2.PrahranAustralia

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