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The Effects of Vasopressors on Perfusion of Gastric Graft after Esophagectomy. An Experimental Study

  • Dimitrios Theodorou
  • Panagiotis G. Drimousis
  • Andreas LarentzakisEmail author
  • Apostolos Papalois
  • Konstantinos G. Toutouzas
  • Stylianos Katsaragakis
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To evaluate the impact of the perioperative administration of norepinephrine on the perfusion of the esophageal graft.


This is an experimental study. Six swine underwent transhiatal esophagectomy; the stomach was used to replace the resected esophagus. We provoked hemorrhagic shock to the animals and then we administered noradrenaline to restore the blood pressure. We monitored the graft perfusion perioperatively using the technique of microdialysis.


In all animals, the graft experienced severe hypoperfusion after the administration of noradrenaline that was statistically significant.


Our data support the hypothesis that norepinephrine should be used with extreme caution in the perioperative setting after esophagectomy. Further studies, however, will be required to evaluate the clinical significance of this finding.


Esophagectomy Norepinephrine Gastric graft perfusion Experimental study 


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  • Dimitrios Theodorou
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  • Panagiotis G. Drimousis
    • 1
  • Andreas Larentzakis
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    Email author
  • Apostolos Papalois
    • 2
  • Konstantinos G. Toutouzas
    • 1
  • Stylianos Katsaragakis
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  1. 1.1st Department of Propaedeutic SurgeryAthens Medical School, University of Athens, “Hippocration” General Hospital of AthensAthensGreece
  2. 2.Department of experimental surgeryELPEN LaboratoriesAthensGreece
  3. 3.EgaleoGreece

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