Synthesis of M (M=Co2+, Co2+/Ni2+)-doped FeS2 Nanospheres with Enhanced Visible-light-induced Photocatalytic Activity

  • Yanwu Wang (王燕舞)
  • Xuehong Zhang (张学洪)Email author
  • Yuchun Ji
  • Guoyuan Zheng
  • Jilin Wang (王吉林)Email author
  • Fei Long
Advanced Materials


Nano-spherical Co2+-doped FeS2 was synthesized through a simple solvothermal method. The products were investigated using XRD, FE-SEM, BET, ICP, EDS, TEM, HRTEM, XPS, and UV-vis spectroscopy. The results indicated that Co2+ ion could change the particle nucleation process and inhibited the particle growth of FeS2. In addition, when the content of doped Co2+ was 15%, the degradation efficiency of methylene blue (MB) achieved 60.72% after 210 min irradiation, which increased by 52.01% than that of the undoped FeS2. Moreover, comparison experiments also demonstrated that the M (M=Co2+, Co2+/Ni2+)-doped FeS2 photocatalytic activity efficiency sequence was Co2+ > Ni2+>Co2+/Ni2+. This is ascribed to the fact that the Co2+ doping could induce the absorption edge shifting into the visible-light region and increased the surface area of the samples. The effect mechanisms of M-doping on the band gap and the photocatalytic activity of FeS2 were also discussed.

Key words

FeS2 solvothermal method doping photocatalytic methylene blue 


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  • Xuehong Zhang (张学洪)
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  2. 2.Guangxi Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Control Theory and TechnologyGuilin University of TechnologyGuilinChina
  3. 3.School of Materials Science and Engineering, Key Laboratory of Nonferrous Material and New Processing Technology of Ministry of Education, Collaborative Innovation Center for Exploration of Hidden Nonferrous Metal Deposits and Development of New Materials in GuangxiGuilin University of TechnologyGuilinChina

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