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Correction to: Distance between vertices of lattice polytopes

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Correction to: Optimization Letters https://doi.org/10.1007/s11590-018-1338-7

The erratum mostly concerns Table 4 and Figure 6 where two polytopes were misrepresented in the original version of https://doi.org/10.1007/s11590-018-1338-7. In addition, we wish to point out the following typographical mistakes:

Table 4 Some combinatorial properties of the lattice (3,3)-polytopes with maximal diameter
Fig. 6

All, up to the symmetries of \([0,3]^3\), lattice (3,3)-polytopes of diameter 6

  1. (i)

    all the occurrences of \(\delta (d,k-1)\) in Section 3 should be replaced by \(\delta ({d-1,k})\);

  2. (ii)

    \(\widetilde{v} \prec (k,\dots ,k) - u\) in Section 3.2.2 should be replaced by \({u} \prec \widetilde{w}\) with \(w=(k,\dots ,k)-{v}\);

  3. (iii)

    the statement a lattice (3, 4)-polytope such that\(d(u, v) = 5\) in Section 3.2.6 should be replaced by a lattice (3, 4)-polytope such that\(d(u, v) = {6}\); and

  4. (iv)

    \(F_i^-(P)=\{x\in {P}:x=\gamma ^-_i(P)\}(\dots ) F_i^+(P)=\{x\in {P}:x=\gamma ^+_i(P)\}\) after Lemma 1 should be replaced by \(F_i^-(P)=\{x\in {P}:x_{i}=\gamma ^-_i(P)\} (\dots ) F_i^+(P)=\{x\in {P}:x_{i}=\gamma ^+_i(P)\}\).

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Correspondence to Antoine Deza.

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