Boris S. Mordukhovich: Variational analysis and applications

Springer, Cham, 2018, 622 pp
  • René HenrionEmail author
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Variational Analysis, in the sense as introduced by Rockafellar/Wets, is a modern mathematical discipline that grew from disciplines like mathematical programming, calculus of variations, optimal control and equilibrium problems. In contrast with the classical idea of ‘variations’, considering movements away from a given point, it shifts the perspective towards the perturbation or approximation of whole problems or systems under consideration. In doing so, it strongly relies on modern tools from set-valued and nonsmooth analysis as well as from generalized differentiation.

The author of this monograph is one of the pioneers in the development of these disciplines. The tools of generalized differentiation advanced by B. S. Mordukhovich find nowadays a large variety of applications to the derivation of necessary optimality conditions and the characterization of stability in all kinds of optimization and control problems. Apart from classical optimization, they have a significant impact...


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