Propagation of non-planar weak and strong shocks in a non-ideal relaxing gas

  • Sarswati Shah
  • Randheer SinghEmail author


In this article, the kinematics of one-dimensional motion have been applied to construct evolution equations for non-planar weak and strong shocks propagating into a non-ideal relaxing gas. The approximate value of exponent of shock velocity, at the instant of shock collapse, obtained from systematic approximation method is compared with those obtained from characteristic rule and Guderley’s scheme. Computation of exponent is carried out for different values of van der Waals excluded volume. Effects of non-ideal and relaxation parameters on the wave evolution, governed by the evolution equations, are analyzed.


Weak shocks Strong shocks Non-ideal relaxing gas Induced discontinuity Guderley’s method 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 35L45 58J45 35L67 Secondary 35Q35 82B40 74J30 



The first author is highly thankful to CSIR India (Ref. No. 09/045(1444)/2016-EMR-I) for fellowship. Research and Development grant from University of Delhi, Delhi (Ref. No. RC/2015/9677) is gratefully acknowledged by the second author.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of DelhiDelhiIndia

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