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Preparation of cobalt-poly (naphthylamine)/sodium dodecylsulfate-modified carbon paste electrode as a sensitive sensor for l-cysteine

  • Banafsheh NorouziEmail author
  • Aria Gorji
Original Paper


A novel modified electrode for determination of l-cysteine (l-CySH) was described. The electrode comprises a cobalt-poly (naphthylamine)/sodium dodecyl sulfate (Co-PNA/SDS) as a modifier in the carbon paste matrix. This modified electrode has been produced by electropolymerization of naphthylamine in the presence of SDS and then incorporating of Co(II) ions. The electrochemical studies of this modified electrode (Co-PNA/SDS/MCPE) were done by using cyclic voltammetry. The experimental results exhibited the stable redox behavior of the Co(III)/Co(II) couple immobilized at the polymeric electrode, and this modified electrode is very sensitive to l-CySH. The current response increased linearly with l-CySH concentration over the range of 1–20 μM and 20–100 μM. The detection limit of the method was 0.8 μM (3δ). The prominent features of this sensor can be referred to simple preparation, low cost, fast response, good stability and selectivity, wide linear range, low detection limit, and high reproducibility.


Cobalt Naphthylamine SDS Polymer l-Cysteine 


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