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Synthesis and characterization of Bi-doped zirconia for solid electrolyte

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(100-x)ZrO2(x)Bi2O3 (x = 5, 10, 15) system has been synthesized by solid-state reaction technique. Tetragonal Bi7.38Zr0.62O12.31 phase has formed in all the samples after sintering at 850 °C for 24 h. Apart from this, ZrO2 and Bi2O3 are also identified as minority phases. The volume fraction of Bi7.38Zr0.62O12.31 phase increases with increasing concentration of Bi2O3. The AC conductivity plots exhibit phase transition at 570 °C and 460 °C for x = 10 and x = 15 samples, respectively. The maximum conductivity is observed (1.60 mS/cm) in x = 15 sample. These results are correlated and supported with microstructural and thermal analysis.


Solid electrolytes Zirconia Ionic conductivity X-ray diffraction 


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  1. 1.Ambala College of Engineering and Applied ResearchAmbala CanttIndia
  2. 2.School of Physics and Materials ScienceThapar UniversityPatialaIndia

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