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A review of recent developments in the surface modification of LiMn2O4 as cathode material of power lithium-ion battery



LiMn2O4 (LMO) is a very attractive choice as cathode material for power lithium-ion batteries due to its economical and environmental advantages. However, LiMn2O4 in the 4-V region suffers from a poor cycling behavior. Recent research results confirm that modification by coating is an important method to achieve improved electrochemical performance of LMO, and the latest progress was reviewed in the paper. The surface treatment of LMO by coating oxides and nonoxide systems could decrease the surface area to retard the side reactions between the electrode and electrolyte and to further diminish the Mn dissolution during cycling test. At present, LiMn2O4 is the mainstreaming cathode material of power lithium-ion battery, and, especially the modified LMO, is the trend of development of power lithium-ion battery cathode material in the long term.


Power lithium-ion battery Cathode material LiMn2O4 Surface modification 


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