Cognitive Neurodynamics

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Vassilis Cutsuridis, Amir Hussain and John G. Taylor (eds): Perception–action cycle. Models, architectures, and hardware

Series: Springer Series in Cognitive and Neural Systems Series, ISBN-13: 9781441914514, ISBN: 144191451X
  • Péter ÉrdiEmail author

The book under review is a very important one, and gives an an excellent example how to combine computational neuroscience with the theory and practice of cognitive architectures and even hardware implementations. The book helps to neural modelers to understand the challenges coming from the field of cognitive systems, architectures including robots, and cognitive scientists and engineers to learn more about the methods of computational neuroscience to understand the underlying neural mechanisms and computational algorithms.

The first large part (Computational Neuroscience Models) contains ten papers. The general goal of this part was to collect works on presenting neural network models of different aspects of the perception—action cyclic process.

Perception, itself is studied in two papers. Tsotsos and Rothenstein argue that the brain does not solve the generic problem of visual search, but by the aid of attention it helps to create a computationally solvable problem. Ursino et al....


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