Zero-cycles on Cancian–Frapporti surfaces

  • Robert LaterveerEmail author


An old conjecture of Voisin describes how 0-cycles on a surface S should behave when pulled-back to the self-product \(S^m\) for \(m>p_g(S)\). We show that Voisin’s conjecture is true for a 3-dimensional family of surfaces of general type with \(p_g=q=2\) and \(K^2=7\) constructed by Cancian and Frapporti, and revisited by Pignatelli–Polizzi.


Algebraic cycles Chow groups Motives Voisin conjecture surfaces of general type Abelian varieties Prym varieties 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 14C15 14C25 14C30 



I am grateful to a referee who kindly suggested substantial simplifications of the main argument. Thanks to Kai and Len, my dedicated coworkers at the Alsace Center for Advanced Lego-Building and Mathematics.


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