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A privacy-preserving image retrieval method based on deep learning and adaptive weighted fusion

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With the development of big data and cloud computing, more and more data owners store the data in cloud server. Considering privacy preserving, image data need to be encrypted before uploaded to the cloud, which will lead to inefficient image retrieval of ciphertext domain. Therefore, the challenge of encrypted image retrieval is how to improve the performance. Toward this goal, this paper proposes a privacy-preserving image retrieval method based on deep learning and adaptive weighted fusion. Firstly, extracting low-level feature EHD (edge histogram descriptor), BOW (bag of words) and high-level semantic feature of images. Secondly, reducing the dimension of 1024-dim high-level semantic feature by PCA (principal component analysis), and the three features were binarized. Then these types of features are adaptively fused. Finally, constructing a prefilter table for fusion features to improve search efficiency by locality sensitive hashing (LSH) algorithm. K-nearest neighbor (KNN) algorithm and logistic encryption method were used to protect the privacy of fused features and images, respectively. The experiments show that the proposed method can not only ensure image security but also improve the retrieval accuracy of encrypted image.

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This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 61772561), the Key Research & Development Plan of Hunan Province (nos. 2018NK2012, 2019SK2022), the Science Research Projects of Hunan Provincial Education Department (nos. 18A174 and 18C0262), and the Science & Technology Innovation Platform and Talent Plan of Hunan Province (2017TP1022).

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  • Image retrieval
  • Adaptive weighted fusion
  • PCA dimension reduction
  • Locality-sensitive hashing
  • DenseNet