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Robust feature extraction algorithm suitable for real-time embedded applications

  • Abiel Aguilar-GonzálezEmail author
  • Miguel Arias-Estrada
  • François Berry
Special Issue Paper


Smart cameras integrate processing close to the image sensor, so they can deliver high-level information to a host computer or high-level decision process. One of the most common processing is the visual features extraction since many vision-based use-cases are based on such algorithm. Unfortunately, in most of cases, features detection algorithms are not robust or do not reach real-time processing. Based on these limitations, a feature detection algorithm that is robust enough to deliver robust features under any type of indoor/outdoor scenarios is proposed. This was achieved by applying a non-textured corner filter combined to a subpixel refinement. Furthermore, an FPGA architecture is proposed. This architecture allows compact system design, real-time processing for Full HD images (it can process up to 44 frames/91.238.400 pixels per second for Full HD images), and high efficiency for smart camera implementations (similar hardware resources than previous formulations without subpixel refinement and without non-textured corner filter). For accuracy/robustness, experimental results for several real-world scenes are encouraging and show the feasibility of our algorithmic approach.


Robust feature extraction Smart camera FPGA 3D reconstruction 

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  2. 2.Institut PascalUniversité Clermont AuvergneAubière, Clermont-FerrandFrance

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