Parallel wavelet schemes for images

How to make the wavelet transform friendly to parallel architectures
  • David BarinaEmail author
  • Michal Kula
  • Pavel Zemcik
Original Research Paper


In this paper, we introduce several new schemes for calculation of discrete wavelet transforms of images. These schemes reduce the number of steps and, as a consequence, allow to reduce the number of synchronizations on parallel architectures. As an additional useful property, the proposed schemes can reduce also the number of arithmetic operations. The schemes are primarily demonstrated on CDF 5/3 and CDF 9/7 wavelets employed in JPEG 2000 image compression standard. However, the presented method is general, and it can be applied on any wavelet transform. As a result, our scheme requires only two memory barriers for 2-D CDF 5/3 transform compared to four barriers in the original separable form or three barriers in the non-separable scheme recently published. Our reasoning is supported by exhaustive experiments on high-end graphics cards.


Discrete wavelet transforms Image processing Parallel architectures 



This work has been supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic from the National Programme of Sustainability (NPU II) project IT4Innovations excellence in science—LQ1602.


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