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Wide-awake trapeziectomy: video detailing local anesthetic injection and surgery

  • Hana Farhangkhoee
  • Jan Lalonde
  • Donald H. LalondeEmail author
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The use of local anesthesia with epinephrine and no tourniquet/no sedation is becoming an excellent alternative for hand surgeries. This wide-awake approach is the most commonly used method of anesthesia for carpal tunnel release in Canada. The purpose of this paper is to provide a video detailing this technique for trapeziectomy for trapeziometacarpal joint osteoarthritis.


Basal joint arthritis Local anesthesia Trapeziectomy Trapeziometacarpal joint Wide-awake surgery 

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  • Hana Farhangkhoee
    • 1
  • Jan Lalonde
    • 1
  • Donald H. Lalonde
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.Division of Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryDalhousie UniversitySaint JohnCanada

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