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Intraneural Perineurioma of the Median Nerve: Case Report and Literature Review

  • Neil S. Sachanandani
  • Justin M. Brown
  • Craig Zaidman
  • Stephanie S. Brown
  • Susan E. Mackinnon
Case Reports


Intraneural perineurioma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor of perineurial cell origin. We present the case of an intraneural perineurioma of the median nerve in a 23-year-old woman which posed a diagnostic challenge. Ultrasonography was found to be a quick, easy, and effective screening tool for identifying the source of the deficit followed by MRI to further elucidate the lesion. We discuss surgical management options for optimizing functional outcomes when addressing such lesions.


Intraneural perineurioma Nerve transfer Ultrasound MRI Nerve tumor Intraneural neurolysis 


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  • Justin M. Brown
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  • Craig Zaidman
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