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Potato Production in China and Norway: Similarities, Differences and Future Challenges

  • Arne Hermansen
  • Dianqiu Lu
  • Greg Forbes

Potato production—area, yield and use

Potato is the third most important food crop in the world after rice and wheat in terms of human consumption. More than a billion people worldwide eat potato, and global total crop production exceeds 300 million metric tons (

Potato is also an important crop in Norway and China. Norway has approximately five million inhabitants while China has 1.4 billion inhabitants. Potato production in the two countries is of similar importance relative to their respective population sizes.

China has the highest production of potato in the world according to figures from FAO in 2009, with 4,753 million ha planted to the crop, which is 25.93% of the total global potato area. China produces 69 million tons of potato, which is 21% of the total global output of this crop. Due to the adaptability and tolerance of the potato plant to drought, cold climate and infertile soils, it can grow in most regions in China and is widely grown in...


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Bioforsk—Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental ResearchPlant Health and Plant Protection DivisionÅsNorway
  2. 2.Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural SciencesVirus-Free Seedling Research InstituteHarbinPeople’s Republic of China
  3. 3.International Potato CenterBeijingPeople’s Republic of China

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