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Leading for Learning – Something New under the Sun

  • Linda Campion
Column: Leading Matters

This entry of Leading Matters features a keynote address given by Dr. Marcy Driscoll at the 2017 AECT International Conference in Jacksonville Florida.

“Look up, be bold, and lead…,”prompts Dr. Marcy Driscoll, Dean Emerita and Professor at Florida State University. Dr. Driscoll extolls the role of being a leader, providing a journey from faculty to mid-level administration to senior-level administration.

As Dr. Driscoll examines her journey and prepares for this keynote address, she reflects on her path and the environment surrounding this twenty-first Century and realizes it is time to shift to a new role; she states “…it is time for someone younger, more politically astute, and more adept at social media to take up the mantle, and I look forward to supporting from the rear.” This realization and acknowledgement of change does not equate to quitting; rather it is a recognition of the challenges facing a dean in the current environment and putting the needs of the department and...



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