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Teachers’ Attitudes to using iPads or Tablet Computers; Implications for Developing New Skills, Pedagogies and School-Provided Support

  • Keith YoungEmail author
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This study examined the attitudes of teachers towards using tablet computers, predominantly Apple’s iPad, across 22 post primary-schools in Ireland. The study also questions some previous research and assumptions on the educational use of tablet computers. The majority of schools were using devices with students and teachers; the combined size of those programs was 670 teachers and 1,150 students. The study collected data from 259 teachers across all sites using baseline and followup questionnaires. Teachers identified their barriers to technology usage as well as enabling factors; an overlap in barriers and enabling factors relating to professional development and the availability of time presents pathways for improvement. The study shows that given appropriate support, teachers possess (or can develop) a disposition towards creating new technology-enhanced pedagogies and relevant technological skills. The study findings will enable evidence-based approaches to technology professional development and the provision of support structures.


Mobile learning Educational technology Professional development 



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