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The Impact of Library Media Specialists on Students and How It Is Valued by Administrators and Teachers: Findings from the Latest Studies in Colorado and Idaho

  • Briana Hovendick Francis
  • Keith Curry Lance


School library media specialists wear many hats within their school libraries, classrooms, and districts. Whether these roles are formally acknowledged or not, library media specialists (LMSs) are functioning as co-teachers, curriculum designers, website managers, technology troubleshooters, administrators, and in-service staff development providers. In an era of decreased funding and increased budget-trimming, however, positions for qualified LMS librarians are especially vulnerable. This article presents the result of a multistate survey of administrators and teachers perceptions with regards to their impact on the school’s learning process.


Library Media Administrators Teachers Value 


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  • Briana Hovendick Francis
  • Keith Curry Lance

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