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The intra-paradigmatic distribution of the infix -I/ESC- from Latin to Modern Romance: morphomic patterning and beyond

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DOI: 10.1007/s11525-009-9135-8

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Meul, C. Morphology (2010) 20: 1. doi:10.1007/s11525-009-9135-8


The present study deals with the spectrum of intra-paradigmatic configurations that the Latin verbal infix -I/ESC- acquired in modern Romance standard and dialectal varieties. It proposes an in-depth analysis, both of the so-called ‘patterned’ and ‘non-patterned’ Romance infix-distributions: patterned Romance infix-distributions find response in parallel and recurrent stem-allomorphic conjugational alternations; non-patterned infix-distributions are morphologically unique and do not have allomorphic distributional counterparts in other, non-infixed, verbs. While patterned infix-distributions benefit from the ‘morphomic’ approach (cf. Aronoff 1994, Maiden 2003), it will be shown that ‘non-patterned’ infix-distributions can be predicted only by taking into account several (co-)conditioning forces, e.g. stress, thematicity and modality.


Romance contrastive linguistics Dialectology Verbal morphology Infix -I/ESC- Inflectional versus lexical infix Allomorphy Conjugation-patterns 

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