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Ursula Holtgrewe, Vassil Kirov, Monique Ramioul (eds): Hard work in new Jobs: the quality of work and life in European growth sectors

Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, (ISBN: 978-1-137-46106-3) 304 pages
  • Damian R. MolgarayEmail author

In recent times, the concept of ‘hard work’ has been academically and publicly addressed. On the one hand, the idea behind this concept is that economic growth, technological innovation, effects of service society and European policy do not result in improved working conditions and quality jobs. On the other hand, this concept underlines how the supposed ‘knowledge society’ has consistently failed to eliminate hard work. In fact, it generates typical low-skilled works (Hotgrewe, Kirov and Ramioul).

This book is based on the European research project Walqing which investigated the linkages between new and expanding jobs between 2009 and 2012, the conditions of work and employees in these positions, and the more or less favourable outcomes for employees’ quality of work and life.

In this sense this volume examines the configuration and factors that shape ‘hard work’ on the European level and the national sectors. The authors also include low-quality work in Southern and Eastern European...


Hard work Quality of work Well-being European jobs Walqing project 

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