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Design of Tunable Multi-Band Metamaterial Perfect Absorbers Based on Magnetic Polaritons

  • Qianjun MaoEmail author
  • Chunzao Feng
  • Yizhi Yang


A tunable multi-band metamaterial perfect absorber is designed in this paper. The absorber made of a composite array of gold elliptical and circular disks on a thick metallic substrate, separated by a thin dielectric spacer. The absorptivity and the field enhancement of proposed structures are numerically investigated by the finite difference time domain method. Three absorption peaks (1.15, 1.55, and 2.05 μm) with the maximal absorption of 99.2, 99.7, and 97.3% have been achieved, respectively. By altering the dimensions of associated geometric parameters in the structure, three resonance wavelengths can be tuned individually. Physical mechanism of the multi-band absorption is construed as the resonance of magnetic polaritons. And the absorber exhibits the characteristics that are insensitive to the polarization angle due to its symmetry. The research results can have access to selective control of thermal radiation and the design of multi-band photodetectors.


Perfect absorbers Magnetic Polaritons Plasmonics Metamaterial 



A very special acknowledgement is made to the editors and referees who make important comments to improve this paper.

Funding Information

This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51406033).


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