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Proposition and Numerical Analysis of a Plasmonic Sensing Structure of Metallo-Dielectric Grating and Silver Nano-slabs in a Metal-Insulator-Metal Configuration

  • Mashnoon Alam Sakib
  • S. M. Enamul Hoque Yousuf
  • Sourov Das Gupta
  • Md Zahurul IslamEmail author


We propose and numerically investigate a near-infrared surface plasmon resonance-based refractive index sensor having in unison an extremely high sensitivity (1719 nm/RIU) and transmission efficiency (91.73%) with a high figure of merit (39.81). The proposed sensor structure, consisting of a 1D metallo-dielectric grating of silver and rectangular-shaped silver nano-slabs in a metal-insulator-metal configuration, excites both propagating surface plasmon polaritons and localized surface plasmon polaritons producing highly improved spectral response. Using the finite-difference time-domain computation method, the spectral characteristics were analyzed and some important sensing performances, such as sensitivity, transmission efficiency, full-width at half-maximum, and figure of merit, were optimized through numerical simulations as a function of the shape and size of the nanostructures. As a specific application, the proposed structure was also investigated for temperature sensing application and its temperature sensitivity is found to be much better than the state-of-the-art. The proposed sensor structure may have monumental applications in such areas as biomedical and environmental sensing applications and photonic integrated circuits.


Surface plasmon resonance Integrated plasmonics Localized surface plasmon polaritons Propagating surface plasmon polaritons Photonic temperature sensor Finite-difference time-domain method 


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