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All-Optical Switching and Routing with a Nonlinear Metamaterial

  • Xiongshuo Yan
  • Guanghui WangEmail author


We report the dynamic control characteristics of electromagnetic wave propagation in a nonlinear metamaterial by an applied electric field, which is constructed by an array of metallic nanowires embedded into a nonlinear dielectric. Numerical results show that the composite structure can appear three kinds of interesting interconversion characteristics among positive refraction, negative refraction, and cut-off states by adjusting the intensity of the applied electric field. Consequently, we can switch all-optically light states between the total reflection state (OFF state) and the total transmission state (ON state), as well as control light propagation route dynamically. Moreover, we also elaborate on the dependency of the refraction angles of energy flow and wave vector, and Brewster angle on the applied electric field and the orientation angle φ. These properties open up an avenue for potential applications of nonlinear metamaterials in nanophotonic devices such as all-optical switches, routers, and wave cut-off devices.


All-optical devices Nonlinear metamaterials Applied electric field Refraction 



Authors thank X. B. Yang for useful discussions and suggestions.

Funding Information

This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (11474106, 61178003), the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, China (2016A030313439), and the Science and Technology Program of Guangzhou City, China (201707010403).


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  1. 1.Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Nanophotonic Functional Materials and DevicesSouth China Normal UniversityGuangzhouPeople’s Republic of China

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