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Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Tapered Fiber Optic Sensor: Sensitivity Enhancement by Introducing a Teflon Layer Between Core and Metal Layer



Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based tapered fiber optic sensor with Teflon as a dielectric sandwiched between metal and tapered fiber core is proposed. The sensitivity of the sensor has been maximized using different combinations of metal and Teflon layer thicknesses for a given taper ratio. The study shows that the sensitivity of the sensor with the introduction of dielectric (Teflon) increases with the increase in the taper ratio. The maximum sensitivity achieved for a given taper ratio is around 15 times higher than the general SPR-based fiber optic sensor.


Evanescent wave Optical fiber Sensitivity Surface plasmon resonance Tapered fiber 



One of the authors, R.K. Verma, is thankful to CSIR (India) for providing Junior Research Fellowship (JRF). The present work is partially supported by CSIR Grant 3(1025)/05/EMR-II.


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