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Vertically aligned γ-AlOOH nanosheets on Al foils as flexible and reusable substrates for NH3 adsorption

  • Chen Yang
  • Ying Chen
  • Dan Liu
  • Jinfeng Wang
  • Cheng Chen
  • Jiemin Wang
  • Ye Fan
  • Shaoming Huang
  • Weiwei Lei
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  1. Special Topic: Graphene and other Two-Dimensional Materials


Vertically aligned γ-AlOOH nanosheets (NSs) have been successfully fabricated on flexible Al foils via a solvothermal route without morphology-directing agents. Three different reaction temperature (25, 80, and 120 ◦C) and time (30 min, 45 min, and 24 h) are discussed for the growth period, which efficiently tune the density and size of the γ-AlOOH NSs. Meanwhile, the growth speed of the nanosheets confirms that dominant growth stage is seen in the initial 45 min. Furthermore, the interlayer of the γ-AlOOH NSs displays an average height of 140 nm and superhydrophilicity. By dynamic adsorption, the assynthesized γ-AlOOH NSs exhibit an outstanding NH3 adsorption capacity of up to 146 mg/g and stably excellent regeneration for 5 cycles. The mechanism of NH3 adsorption on the in-plane of the γ-AlOOH NSs is explained by the Lewis acid/base theory. The H-bond interactions among the NH3 molecules and the edge groups (-OH) further improve the capture ability of the nanosheets.


γ-AlOOH nanosheets NH3 adsorption Lewis acid/base theory H bonds interaction 



This work was financially supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Program, the Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award scheme (DE150101617 and DE140100716), and Central Research Grant Scheme of Deakin University.


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