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Graphene-plasmon polaritons: From fundamental properties to potential applications

  • Sanshui XiaoEmail author
  • Xiaolong Zhu
  • Bo-Hong Li
  • N. Asger MortensenEmail author
Open Access
Review Article
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  1. Special Topic: Frontiers of Plasmonics (Ed. Hong-Xing Xu)


With unique possibilities for controlling light in nanoscale devices, graphene plasmonics has opened new perspectives to the nanophotonics community with potential applications in metamaterials, modulators, photodetectors, and sensors. In this paper, we briefly review the recent exciting progress in graphene plasmonics. We begin with a general description of the optical properties of graphene, particularly focusing on the dispersion of graphene-plasmon polaritons. The dispersion relation of graphene-plasmon polaritons of spatially extended graphene is expressed in terms of the local response limit with an intraband contribution. With this theoretical foundation of graphene-plasmon polaritons, we then discuss recent exciting progress, paying specific attention to the following topics: excitation of graphene plasmon polaritons, electron-phonon interactions in graphene on polar substrates, and tunable graphene plasmonics with applications in modulators and sensors. Finally, we address some of the apparent challenges and promising perspectives of graphene plasmonics.


graphene plasmonics graphene-plasmon polariton plasmon-phonon interaction tunability 


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