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Spatial modulation of unitary impurity-induced resonances in superconducting CeCoIn5

  • Ge Zhang
  • Bin Liu
  • Yi-Feng Yang
  • Shiping Feng
Research Article


Motivated by recent experimental progress in high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) techniques, we investigate the local quasiparticle density of states around a unitary impurity in the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn5. Based on the T-matrix approach we obtain a sharp nearly zero-energy resonance state in the strong impurity potential scattering localized around the impurity and find qualitative differences in the spatial pattern of the tunneling conductance modulated by the nodal structure of the superconducting gap. These unique features may be used as a probe of the superconducting gap symmetry and, in combination with further STM measurements, may help to confirm the \({d_{{x^2} - {y^2}}}\) pairing in CeCoIn5 at ambient pressure.


pairing symmetries effects of disorder tunneling phenomena 


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  • Bin Liu
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  • Yi-Feng Yang
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  • Shiping Feng
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