Frontiers of Physics

, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 351–369 | Cite as

Applications of carbon nanotubes in high performance lithium ion batteries

  • Yang Wu
  • Jiaping WangEmail author
  • Kaili Jiang
  • Shoushan Fan
Review Article


The development of lithium ion batteries (LIBs) relies on the improvement in the performance of electrode materials with higher capacity, higher rate capability, and longer cycle life. In this review article, the recent advances in Carbon nanotube (CNT) anodes, CNT-based composite electrodes, and CNT current collectors for high performance LIBs are concerned. CNT has received considerable attentions as a candidate material for the LIB applications. In addition to a possible choice for anode, CNT has been recognized as a solution in improving the performance of the state-of-the-art electrode materials. The CNT-based composite electrodes can be fabricated by mechanical or chemical approaches. Owing to the large aspect ratio and the high electrical conductivity, CNTs at very low loading can lead to an efficient conductive network. The excellent mechanical strength suggests the great potential in forming a structure scaffold to accommodate nano-sized electrode materials. Accordingly, the incorporation of CNTs will enhance the conductivity of the composite electrodes, mitigate the agglomeration problem, decrease the dependence on inactive binders, and improve the electrochemical properties of both anode and cathode materials remarkably. Freestanding CNT network can be used as lightweight current collectors to increase the overall energy density of LIBs. Finally, research perspectives for exploiting CNTs in high-performance LIBs are discussed.


lithium ion battery carbon nanotube composite conductive additive structural scaffold 


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