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Theories of meaning

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Research into logical syntax provides us the knowledge of the structure of sentences, while logical semantics provides a window into uncovering the truth of sentences. Therefore, it is natural to make sentences and truth the central concern when one deals with the theory of meaning logically. Although their theories of meaning differ greatly, both Michael Dummett’s theory and Donald Davidson’s theory are concerned with sentences and truth and developed in terms of truth. Logical theories and methods first introduced by G. Frege underwent great developments during the past century and have played an important role in expanding these two scholars’ theories of meaning.


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逻辑句法的研究为我们提供了句子结构的知识, 而逻辑语义的研究给我们一种关于句子的真的看法。 所以当我们从逻辑的角度处理意义理论的时候, 很自然地会把句子和真作为核心关注的东西。 尽맜达米特和戴维森的意义理论有很大不同, 但是他们的理论都关注句子和真, 而且都是借助真发展起来的。 由弗雷格首次引入并且在上个世纪大大发展的逻辑理论和方法, 在他们的意义理论中起着重要作用。


意义理论 意义 真 句子 逻辑 


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